Dumb Ways Weed Can Kill You

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dumb ways weed can kill you



It’s common knowledge that cannabis is one of the safest recreational drugs on the planet.


This isn’t to say it is “riskless” as polarizing politicians would like you to believe, but compared to other legal substances – cannabis is far more benign than the most consumed drug in the world – COFFEE!


In fact, each year there are thousands of cases of caffeine related overdoses due to its presence in energy drinks and so forth. Some of these people do die.


When it comes to cannabis however, there isn’t a single fatal overdose attributed to the plant (from consuming it).


But as you’ll see in this article, there are other ways that marijuana can kill you.


Choking on a bag of marijuana!


While this may sound “memish” in nature, the truth of the matter is that recently someone almost did die from choking on a bag of weed.


I’m talking about THIS VIDEO that’s been making its rounds on Reddit where we see the Dash-cam footage of an Ohio Police Officer pulling someone over for speeding. 


In the 72-second video you see the officer standing next to a pulled over car, talking to a shirtless driver who seems to be in distress. You can’t see this in the beginning of course, but once the driver gets out of the car and the officer begins to do the Heimlich Meneuver on the man – everything clicks!


“This dude be choking!”


But on what you ask? Well, not really considering that this article is entitled “Dumb Ways Weed can Kill You!”


Yes, the dude was choking on a bag of weed!


Fortunately, the officer managed to save the “bro’s” life and sub-sequentially arrested him for a misdemeanor. The officer blatantly said, “You want to die over a misdemeanor offence?”


Dumbass or Dumbass-Laws!


As with any situation, there are multiple facets to this story. Some people rightfully point out that the dude was driving 20 Mph over the speed limit. He was going to get ticketed nonetheless.

The fact that he didn’t have a shirt on while driving was also not one of the smartest decisions. This immediately placed him in a situation where he looked suspect.


This could very well have been one of the reasons the driver thought it “a smart idea” to swallow a bag of weed.


But what motivated him to do that? If it was a closed six pack of beer, the driver would not have tried chugging all the beers when the cop stopped him.


On the contrary, the six-pack could sit in the front of the vehicle with him (unopened) and he’d be fine. In some states, you need to have the alcohol in the trunk, so maybe he’d get fined – but that would be it!


However, because it’s “MARIJUANA” the driver felt the urge to swallow a bag of weed because the legal consequences of cannabis tend to be more severe than that of alcohol. Potentially, the driver didn’t know that getting busted with weed was a misdemeanor in the state.


If the driver was under the impression that weed was going to cause him a “whole lot of trouble”, his motivations become less “dumb” and more “desperate”.


Interestingly enough, Desperate and Dumb tend to fall in the same spectrum.


Nonetheless, the fact that a plant can significantly make your life more difficult – and up until recently potentially imprisoned for life – one can understand the desperate measures people take to avoid getting caught.


If the driver managed to swallow the baggy and cough it up later, he’d be considered an “underground hero”. Maybe not the one we deserve, but definitely the one that Ohio had to offer us today.


However, his failed attempt at concealing one of the safest recreational drugs known to humanity just illustrates the idiocy of prohibition.


What if he was driving high?


Well, now you’re just supposing. But to be honest, the likeliness of the driver being stoned is quite high.


In this case, I am all in favor of him getting busted for Speeding and for a DUI, especially if he was impaired.


Yet then we enter into the territory of, “was he impaired” which then leads to “we don’t have a way to test it” which then leads to more speculation.


He was speeding – this is a fact. However, for the rest it’s merely us guessing and so I won’t continue down that rabbit hole.


However, on the position of driving while under the influence I do believe that these people should be punished if caught by the police.


Whether you’re smoking weed or drinking booze, getting behind the wheel of 1+ton of metal while intoxicated is irresponsible and dangerous.


Legalizing weed doesn’t mean that common sense goes out of the window. In fact, we need more common sense laws in this world, many of the “Rules” we’re living by were created in a different era entirely.


The Sticky Bottom Line


We could all laugh at the dude who choked on a bag of weed – mainly because it’s riddled in humor. But once the chuckles die down and we begin to think clearly, we should recognize that it’s not just the fact that this man thought it a smart idea to swallow weed…


…it’s that the law conditioned his behavior to think that it’s a good idea. Whether you like it or not, the policies at play in society shape society, and this man’s reaction to authority over weed stems from decades of conditioning by Uncle Sam.


Perhaps it’s time to end the lunacy by nullifying the CSA entirely? Cannabis legalization is merely the tip of the iceberg, we need to liberate all drugs from the clutches of greedy corporations.

And in terms of concealing weed, if you have to hide it your anus is typically a better hole than the mouth.

You don’t breathe from your asshole!









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